There are a lot of opinions about what constitutes the perfect winter bike. And depending on where you live and how harsh or mild the winter is that year, you might find that you need extra equipment or that you can get by on what you ride in the warmer months. But regardless of the situation you find yourself in, Montague folding bikes are a great option for winter riding.

Photo courtesy of eyemage.

Store it Inside

One of the most important things to do for your bike is keep it in good working condition. For winter, this means storing it inside – you don’t want to leave it locked outside, exposed to the elements and buried in snow. Minimizing your bike’s exposure to salt, sand, and slush will help prevent the frame and components from rusting out. And with a Montague bike, indoor storage is easy: the bike folds in about 20 seconds, without the use of tools.

Montague Boston, folded under a desk.

Montague folding bikes virtually eliminate the need to use outdoor bike racks in the winter, which can be covered with snow or plowed over, making them difficult to access. Riding to work? Store the bike under your desk. Riding for part of your commute? Take the bike with you on public transportation, or store it in the trunk of your car. Riding to the grocery store? Fold the bike up and stick it in your shopping cart. Riding for fun or exercise? Take the bike inside and put it in the closet. Even if you do have to leave your Montague locked outside, the frame is aluminum, which won’t rust the way a steel frame will.

Keep it Clean

Photo courtesy of Andrew Morton.

Montague Boston in a stall shower, ready for a rinse. Think how easy it would be to clean in a tub-shower!

Another important step in maintaining your bike during the winter is giving it a quick wipe down with a dry rag and lubing the chain after each ride. You don’t want water, dirt, and salt sitting on your frame, and by taking care of your bike, you can add years to the life of your components. It’s also a good idea to rinse your bike off every so often (say once a month if you’re riding regularly in messy road conditions). The easiest way to do this is to give your bike a shower. And because Montague bikes fold, it’s a lot easier to get them in the shower for a rinse.

How do You Ride?

It has been a particularly snowy winter in many parts the U.S. How’s the weather where you are? Has it affected your riding at all? How are you taking care of your bike? Do you have any winter riding or maintenance tips? We’d love to hear from you!

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