When I think of San Diego I think of two things: one-the zoo and two- Will Farrell in Anchorman.  The second is, unfortunately, not appropriate for this blog, but “YouTube” it anyway.    Nonetheless, Montague Bikes continues its “Where to Bike with Montague” series with San Diego, California.

Bike to the San Diego Zoo to See...Acrobatic Animals?

So acrobatic animals is something you probably will not encounter in San Diego unless you count this poster and the sea lions during a show, but San Diego has a multitude of great things to offer including, but not limited to, some pretty incredible cycling.

Where to Bike with Montague Bikes: San Diego

San Diego’s mild climate year is just one reason it’s called “the cyclists paradise“.  The varied terrain, from flat to mountainous, makes it ideal for any rider, and most of the highways and even back roads and city streets come equipped with bike lanes for added convenience and safety.  San Diego’s Mass Transportation is also readily available for bikers, making it the ultimate destination for Montague Folding Bike owners.  Buses, commuter trains, the San Diego trolley, Amtrak, the Coronado Ferry, and more are all “bicycle-friendly”.


Each bus in San Diego comes equipped with a rack on the front the holds one or two full size bikes for no additional fare.  If you have a Montague Folding Bike, ignore the next few lines of text, for you can simply fold yours and carry it on board, but because we are supportive of the entire cycling community, both folding and non, I will share some tips for loading your bike onto the rack at the front of a bus for all you non-folding bike riders out there.

1.  Remove any loose items from the bike such as bags, water bottles, etc.

2.  Place your bike on the rack with the front wheel towards the curb.  If the rack is empty when you place your bike on the rack, position your bike in the front of the bus before closing the rack and locking it in place.

3.  Move the level, from the bottom, over the front tire of your bike.  This level is spring loaded and will hold your tire into place.

4.  Always alert the driver when either loading or unloading your bike.

San Diego Trolley:

If you’re 16 years or older, you can feel free to bring your bike aboard at any point.  Enter through the rear door of the trolley and stand near the rear driver’s cab.  There’s no need to buy a special ticket or pay an extra fare for bringing your bike on board.

Coaster Commuter Train:

The coaster commuter train makes several stops during the day between downtown San Diego and downtown Oceanside and was designed to accommodate bicycles.  Again, there is no addition fare required.  Enter through the door that shows an icon of a bicycle and secure your bike in the designated area directly inside the door and hold it in place with the provided velcro straps.


The Amtrak trains makes several trips per day up and down the coast between San Diego and Los Angeles.  If you’re lucky, your Amtrak train will come with roll-up bicycle ramps and you can bring it with you into passenger cars.  Worst case scenario, you have to leave your bike in the baggage car.

Coronado Ferry:

A passenger ferry runs regularly across San Diego Bay between Broadway Pier in downtown San Diego and the Coronado Ferry Landing in Coronado (about 10 minutes each way).

The ferry departs —

  1. from Broadway Pier every hour on the hour from 9AM to 9PM, and also at 10PM on Friday and Saturday only, and
  2. from the Coronado Ferry Landing every hour on the half hour from 9:30AM to 9:30PM, and also at 10:30PM on Friday and Saturday only.

The one-way fare is $3.50 per person.  Bikes are welcome at no additional fee!

San Diego also has a Velodrome for those interested in racing or learning how to race.  In addition to open hours and coaching, the San Diego Velodrome has Tuesday and Saturday night racing and classes for children and adults.

San Diego also has numerous bike shops so you can customize your bike or even rent one for a few days!

San Diego.com offers in depth information for travel, tourism, hotels, restaurants, events, and more to make visiting the area a breeze (pun intended).  Where to stay in San Diego is as diverse as the city itself.  Whether you are looking for a beach front resort, a cozy bed and breakfast, or even camping, San Diego has what you’re looking for.  This month brings around the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.  This is an awesome marathon that adds an extra element by lining the 26.2 mile course with live music.

Bike with Montague Folding Bikes in San Diego, California!

Exploring San Diego by bike is a great way to view the city in its entirety while still engaging in the culture up close and personal.  The Montague Crosstown is great for zipping around the city streets and along the beaches.  It provides the performance of a non-folding bike while working with San Diego’s versatility for portability and travel convenience.

Plan a trip out west and be sure to visit the zoo while you’re there!

Ride Safe,

Montague Corporation

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