To pay homage to one of our own, I would like to dedicate this blog post to one of Montague Folding Bikes‘ fallen comrades.  You may have known him only as a model that probably should have smiled more, but, to us, he was so much more than just a pretty face.  Trevor Maxwell Lyons, you will be missed.

Trevor Maxwell Lyons: Montague Bikes Model and Friend

Trevor has joined the ranks of the enemy down in New York City to sell his soul to corporate America and, of course, the New York Yankees (he’s a fan, and you CAN hold that against him-especially since he doesn’t watch baseball.)  Tristan Brown, pictured above (relationship, questionable) laments this news.  Trevor rides a fixie that he’s customized himself, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn’t end up like the NYC bike messengers who were recently featured on Judge Judy for setting fire to a mattress and stealing a bike.

But, no.  We have more faith in Trevor than to think that he’d get a hand/neck tattoo.

You may recognize Trevor from several of our recent photo shoots, strutting his stuff for the cycling community on the Montague Folding X70, or from our recent blog post “Where to Bike With Montague: Barcelona”.  Don’t peg Trevor as just a pretty face, though, for he is so much more.  In addition to being 2nd in the country in his division for Mountain Biking, he biked across the country for Habitat for Humanity, served as captain of the BU Cycling Team, and participated in the Tri State Trek for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  In these ways and more, Trevor show us that he is truly a man of many colors, but mostly…

He makes one heck of a model:

He got me flowers!

Thanks, Trev, for all you’ve done for us.  You’ll certainly be missed.

To aid Trevor in his move to the Big City, I’ve compiled a short list of “All Things New York” for the cycling community:

**For the clever-minded cyclist: Bike Snob NYC

This blog is great for NYC local cyclists.  Anecdotes, pictures, video, personal stories and more await in this awesome blog, but make sure you’ve had your coffee for the day before you read it- it is not for the slow-witted individual!

**To find where you’re going: NYC Bike Maps

Trevor will definitely need to utilize this to make his commute from Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens) to Midtown Manhattan where he sells his soul on a daily basis and gift wraps it before handing it to “The Man”.  But, really.  This is a great website for finding your way through Manhattan or the five boroughs by bike.

**For the Community Cyclist:  Bike New York

Use this website to stay connected with events and opportunities for the cycling community in New York.  Organize bike and trail rides, volunteer opportunities, ride resources, shopping, and even bicycling education is available in this one-stop-shop website for New York Cyclists.  (Hey, Trev-if you run into having to do community service, visit this website.)

**If you need a hand:  New York Cycling Club

This is a great way to meet other people in your area that are involved in the cycling community.  New York City can be intimidating, so why not brave it together?

**For following the law: NYCDOT

Trevor, pay attention!  For cycling laws in New York, this website provides all the insight you need for commuting, working, recreational, or first time cycling.  This site also provides bikes maps, tips for bike safety, information about bikes in buildings,  parking, and cycling statistics.

**A New Street Code for NYC Cyclists:

For rules made by cyclists, for cyclists-tricks of the trade.  Even get up-to-date information on roadways and bike paths on your commute.

Enjoy New York, Trevor!  We’re all rooting for you!

Trevor Maxwell Lyons: Boston

Ride Safe,

Montague Corporation

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