I know it’s only Monday, but consider this a motivation to “Escape to the Cape” this weekend-and, hey! why not jump on a bike while you’re there.

Thanks to a great informational website on biking on the Cape, it’s a cinch to get on a bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Our bikes are perfect for this area, especially if you want to enjoy the sailing and boating features of Cape Cod-they fold to a convenient size that will fit in any size boat without losing the performance of a non-folding full size bike. Also-they look pretty cool!

Use the Cape Cod Bike Guide (linked above) to find any mountain or road trail on the Cape as well as a database of bike shops and links to popular bike resources.

Use Your Montague Folding Bike on These Cape Cod Bike Trails

Don’t have your own boat to take to the Cape? Pack your Montague Folding Bike in the trunk of your car and drive to the Cape where you can use the Cape Cod Travel website to rent boats, kayaks, and canoes, bikes, and more! Our bikes give you the portability to optimize your stay at the Cape and broaden your horizons on ways to travel in the “summah”.

The weather this weekend (Thursday-Saturday) is in the low 70’s and sunny-perfect for catching some sun and hitting the trails on the Cape with your Montague bike.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week. Only 4 days ’til the weekend!

Ride Safe,

Montague Corporation

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