I am from Italy and I am interning at Montague Bikes. Italy is a beautiful country to visit and see , especially when you rent a car and have a Montague Folding Bicycle.

Check this web site and get some ideas about the places, the hotels and flavors of Tuscany and Umbria. Taste delicious food and immerse yourself in the culture of different regions as you tour by car and bike. Amazing landscape to ride through, small cultural cities to visit, and handmade products to discover! You can also give a look to the tours in Cinque Terre (Liguria). The three regions have great culinary traditions too.

If you really like the adventure and you want to discover cactus, palms and beautiful beaches you can definitely think about a bike trip in Calabria (Southern Italy). You cannot miss the “peperoncino piccante” (red hot chilly pepper), the “cipolla di Tropea” (Tropea’s onion), the “Limoncello” (lemon liqueur) and  tartufo di Pizzo (Pizzo’s special gelato)!

You have many options to choose!Keep us updated about your summer vacation and do not forget that the Montague Folding system allows you to have the flexibility to ride or fold your bike whenever you want!

As always

Ride safe

Montague Bikes

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