The Montague Crosstown Before the Photoshoot in Kenmore Sq!

Erin riding the Crosstown to the Boston Marathon!

I had a great time yesterday at the Boston Marathon with the new Montague Crosstown! Everyone was really excited about the bike-I caught a ton of people ogling it (included a few cops!) and countless people commented on it and asked me for details and where they can buy it.

Taylor and Erin on the Crosstown at the Marathon

This was our first trip down to the Marathon, and I and all my friends loved having the bike with us! We went down Beacon Street with the runners, to a balcony on Euston Street, to a rooftop in Kenmore Sq. for an AWESOME photoshoot–stay tuned for those pictures and check out our Facebook for all the pics from the day–and over to Church of Boston on Kilmarnock St. for an afternoon bite to eat on their new couches! We folded the bike and walked it into Church into a packed house and shocked everyone in the restaurant! The lesson the day is that I should get my own card because i have NEVER written down my e-mail address and phone number more in one day…sad that the bike got more attention than I did!

Work it, Steph!

The Crosstown was perfect for riding around town. The thin tires made biking on the pavement so easy, even on all the hills around Boston.

Congratulations to Teyba Erkesso and Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya on winning the Boston Marathon!!! We’re so proud of y’all!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the Montague Crosstown at the Boston Marathon!

Ride Safe,

The Montague Corporation

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