I’m famous, I’m famous!! Unfortunately, I am not a fan of watching myself on YouTube…hopefully you enjoy it more! I’m presenting the new Octagon Hand Height Adjustable stem brought to you, of course, by Montague Corporation. The Octagon system allows you to adjust the height of your handle bar stem without the use of tools. We’re really excited about this new feature that is designed to make your right more comfortable and enjoyable by eliminating the possibility of wrist, neck, and back pain. The Octagon stem looks similar to most other handlebar stems,and is extremely easy to use. Simply release the quick release, push in the adjustment button on the back of the collar, and set the handlebars to the desired height!

Hey, DW! David Widing presents the new version of an old classic: the Montague Paratrooper. The Paratrooper is not for the faint of heart…tackle any trail, rock, road, and even jump from a plane with this incredible mountain bike. Sturdy and reliable, the Paratrooper can take you anywhere-even 15,000 feet in the air! Luckily, you can return the favor. The Paratrooper folds in 20 seconds and can be stored in any car trunk, airplane, boat, or closet. Get out of the city this Spring and Summer and hit the trails with the Montague Paratrooper and look for DW on your ride!

Donatella blew us all out of the water by presenting my personal favorite bike in our new line of pavement bikes, the BOSTON in Italian! How can we compete with one of the most beautiful languages in the world spoken by a beautiful girl while presenting a b-e-a-utiful bike. The BOSTON is the perfect urban assault bicycle-single speed with a flip-flop hub that easy changes to a fixed gear and folds in twenty seconds to be stored just about anywhere. City-dwellers, get it while it’s hot! And it will be hot this weekend in Boston, so give us a call at 1-800-736-5348 for more details or to order factory direct.

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