The Montague Folding Paratrooper-Perfect for Law Enforcement!

As part of their “Weekly Review,” featured the original Montague Folding Paratrooper, giving it rave reviews. Originally designed for the military, the Paratrooper has found a new niche in Law Enforcement. Officers no longer need a bike rack to load their bikes onto their cruisers and can optimize their time by folding their Montague Paratrooper (in under 20 seconds!) and putting it in the trunk of their car. Montague Folding Bikes are the perfect addition to any Police force. The Paratrooper and the Swiss Bike X70 is faster than running and more silent than a speeding Police cruiser, and gives the Police a better chance of successfully reaching their goals. Under cover missions are made easier by using our Montague Folding Bikes. By keeping the bike in the trunk of the vehicle, law enforcement officers are able to keep their identities secret.

This is yet another great example of how Montague Folding Bikes are bettering the community!

For more information on the Montague Folding Paratrooper, click here to visit our website. You will also be able to browse through our extensive new line of 2010 Montague Folding Bikes featuring the NEW 700c single speed: BOSTON.

Read the entire article from here!

Try to stay warm today and, as always,

Ride Safe!

The Montague Corporation

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