Watch this awesome video by A-Z Bushcraft featuring the Montague Paratrooper full-sized mountain bike. In this episode of A-Z Bushcraft, Andrew Price decides that “B” is for “Bicycle.”

How much more accurate could he be?! The Montague Paratrooper is perfect for the great outdoors. Whether you are riding the trails in your local area or out traveling the world, this bike is ideal. Tough, rugged, and compact, you’ll be ready for anything with the Paratrooper. Andrew features our high performance folding bike for its top of the line performance, eco-friendly characteristics, and the portability you need while “on the move.”

Paired with his folding fishing rod, Andrew is ready to take on the outback without the hassle of travel expenses, crowded airports and train stations, and the expense of putting gas in your car.

For more information on A-Z Bushcraft, and to watch the entire video, click here!

Ride Safe!

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