Hi All,

It was raining hard outside this morning when I looked out the window.  Since we didn’t get the snow and slush they predicted, I had no problem with riding my bike to work.  I put on my rain jacket and boots and hit the road.

I’m riding the new 2010 Navigator folding bike, which is the perfect commuting bicycle.  It has 27 speeds, the new Octagon height adjustable stem, and 700c tires.  You would never know it’s a bike that folds!

2010 Navigator Folding Bike

The Navigator also comes standard with front and rear fenders and a rear rack.  Those fenders did wonders on my ride this morning.  It may have been raining outside, but I showed up to work energized and awake, and I didn’t have a line of mud up the middle of my back.  That’s a huge perk.  I dried up my bike, folded it up, and carried it up to my office.  This way it stays safe and dry from the weather and I don’t have a soaked saddle for my ride home.

Riding a Montague Navigator folding bike in the city.

The sleek midnight blue Navigator folding bike performs wonderfully on the city streets, whether rain or shine. It is a great compliment to the whole line of new 2010 folding bikes from Montague Bikes.

Ride Safe,

Montague Bikes and SwissBike


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