I was in the suburbs the other day, so I decided to test out a Swissbike MX mountain bike and see how it would do in the hidden paths and main streets up there. After a late lunch I unfolded the MX and headed out for a ride with a few others.

We started off riding on the main roads fist, avoiding the rush hour traffic as much as possible. The bike, although a mountain bike, did very well on the paved streets dodging obstacles every which way.

Once we entered into the next town, we decided to find some dirt paths in the hills and really put our mountain bikes to the test. The dirt on the first path was very loose and rocky but the MX felt very secure and held up when I took turns. The frame felt really sturdy over the jumps and rocks.

We veered off after awhile and got on another path where the dirt was more packed down. We went over a few steep hills, and the gears switched smoothly and easily. It was thrilling to go down almost vertically and the suspension soaked up the bumps. At one point, we encountered large patches of tree roots that were awesome to push up and over.

Sprawling Tree Roots

All in all it was a very stable ride with great handling and movement. And at the end of the day I folded it up and stored it in the closet. This bike is a keeper!

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