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The New Commute: New York After Sandy

Tweet In case you’re tuning in from another part of the world, Hurricane Sandy made it’s way up the east coast and threw everything she had against New York and New Jersey at the beginning of this week. We’re seeing the greatest natural disaster New York has faced in generations, maybe ever. And out of […]
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Abandoned Bikes

Tweet Whether purchased new or used, a bike is an investment.  And yet so often we see bicycles looking like this:   Which is not how we imagine our bicycles will look when we first get them.  Here at Montague HQ we are of the simple philosophy of fold it up and take it inside; […]
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Changing Focus: Strict Liability in the Future for New York?

Tweet   The Regional Plan Association (RPA) is the nation’s oldest independent urban research and advocacy group.  One of the nation’s most distinguished of such groups, the RPA has been serving New York since the 1920s.  Last week the RPA posted an article by Alex Marshall suggesting the usage of what is called strict enforcement […]
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