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Folding Bikes to the Rescue

Tweet With our current frame design having been originally developed for the US military, our bikes have a long history of service. They’re work horses that don’t mind putting in the long hours. And while the Paratrooper is doing government work, our Swissbike is helping out one private ambulance company in the UK. Andrew Bevan, a [...]
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The Paratrooper Folding Bike in the Field

Tweet One of the more well known Montague bikes is the Paratrooper folding mountain bike. Originally designed in conjunction with the United States Marines in 1997, today the Paratrooper is available to the general public and is still in use by the military. Why? The folding bike is not only a great bike option for [...]
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Folding Bikes Around The World

Tweet Montague customers continually amaze me with the stories they so graciously share with us. We hear from people all over the world who use their Montague bikes on all kinds of adventures. Here are just a few of the adventures we’ve heard about recently. Bob Bob bought his Montague SwissBike LX that he could [...]
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9 Cycling Tips to Help Keep You Safe on the Road

Tweet One of the great things about cycling is you can do it just about anywhere. You’ve read on this blog about Montague folding bikes flying and riding across Texas, riding through Alaska, competing in off-road triathlons and traversing the Iron Curtain trail.  A unique characteristic and certainly a big benefit of these adventures is [...]
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How Far Can Two Folding Bikes Go in One Day?

Tweet This is a guest post from Oliver Letz who packed more into a single day with 2 Montague X70′s than most people pack into a week!  Have a story you’d like to share with Montague blog readers about your bike adventures. E-mail us at If we use your story we’ll send you some [...]
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“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment”

Tweet I want Scott Christy, one of our faithful Montague folding bike riders, to be my mentor.  He currently lives in Alaska with his wife and his two kids: his airplane and his Montague mountain bike.  When he offered to send me some pictures of his plane and bike (now featured on our Facebook page [...]
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“Tricked Out” Boston Single Speed

Tweet This is WAY too cool not to share.  Mark, one Montague rider who knows how to customize a bike, sent us an e-mail with a picture of his Montague Boston single speed that he customized on his own (since our bikes have industry standard components, this is simple and convenient!) and made it look, [...]
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The Hills Are Alive Folding Bike Tour

Tweet One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to meet and interact with people that share their incredible experiences and accomplishments. It’s always such an inspiration to get out and do something, and after every story from a Montague bike rider, I feel ready to conquer from my bike saddle. I’d like [...]
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Following Kate Down The Iron Curtain Trail

Tweet We have had the very special opportunity to follow Kate Trennery as she rides her Montague folding bike down the Iron Curtain Trail from Travemünde, Germany to the Danube River.  Kate is a Junior History and Media Studies dual major at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. This year, she received the Edward H. “Ted” [...]
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What’s Your Favorite Charity to Support with Cycling?

Tweet What is your favorite charity, cause to support or fundraiser?! Of course we’d love to hear about how you use your bike to better your community and fight for your cause, but that’s only one part of the fundraising community!  We want the cycling community to be involved both on and off the bike [...]
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