One of the more well known Montague bikes is the Paratrooper folding mountain bike. Originally designed in conjunction with the United States Marines in 1997, today the Paratrooper is available to the general public and is still in use by the military. Why? The folding bike is not only a great bike option for boat owners, private pilots, RV owners and those who have limited space, but also for military applications.

How does the military take advantage of a full-size folding bike like the Paratrooper?

Air drop ground mobility – The Paratrooper Tactical Mountain Bike was originally designed as ground mobility for airborne units. It is a sturdy, durable full size Mountain Bike, designed to fold so the bike can be dropped on a static line. Once on the ground the bike is unfolded and serves as effective, efficient and stealthy ground transportation, allowing easy evacuation upon completion of a mission.

Alternate/back-up transportation – The Paratrooper attach it to the side of vehicle and serves as back-up transportation. The Paratrooper is a stealthy recon/scout vehicle able to travel with little to no thermal and acoustic signatures.

Alternate to foot transportation – Soldiers on mountain bikes have off-body load bearing capabilities, can traverse any terrain, move at high speeds without breakdown, and can refuel themselves with local water and food.

We get regular calls from military personnel telling us they love the Paratrooper so much in the field that they have bought their own. Timothy Bokousky has been serving for 22 years, he’s a Staff Sergeant and has brought his Paratrooper on two deployments, one at Camp Anaconda in Iraq and one at Camp Buehrig in Kuwait. Tim was kind enough to share the pictures below from his deployments and we thank Staff Sergeant Bokousky for both the pictures and his service.

Enjoy and Ride Safe!

Paratrooper folding bike at Camp Buehring

Paratrooper folding bike and soldiers in front of vehicle

Soldier on Paratrooper folding bike

Paratrooper folding bike on vehicle

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