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Would you dress in Tweed for a bike rally?

Tweet All you have to do is dress up in traditional British cycling attire.  Easy and fun, don’t you think? Since the first official “Tweed Run”, held in London back in January 2009, popularity of the event has continued to grow, so much so that the number of competitors is usually limited, and almost always [...]
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Commuting: Protecting Your Bike

Tweet We’ve started talking about bicycle commuting. One of the prime concerns, especially for new commuters is keeping your bike secure while you’re at work. More companies are making it a priority to have secure and covered bike parking, in fact in Cambridge, MA – where Montague Bikes is based – there are excellent company [...]
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Above and Beyond: Infrastructure

Tweet In London the landscape architecture firm Exterior Architecture has put together the innovative idea of Sky Cycle, a system of  elevated cycle tracks all over the extended London metropolitan area. Watch this video on YouTube Embedded with WP YouTube Lyte. Their proposal states that the current street level infrastructure of London, Barclays Cycle Superhighway system is [...]
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Past and Future Tense: Health of a Nation

Tweet Villages – Were We Started From Once upon a time, we started out in villages.  Well, obviously it’s a quite a bit more complex than that, but for our purposes we’re starting here.  In small communities you know the people who pass you on the street, things are near enough to get to simply, [...]
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