All you have to do is dress up in traditional British cycling attire.  Easy and fun, don’t you think?

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Since the first official “Tweed Run”, held in London back in January 2009, popularity of the event has continued to grow, so much so that the number of competitors is usually limited, and almost always sold out.  Many cities in countries all around the world are now hosting similar events.

Don’t get confused, this is not a race, (or even your traditional bike rally). It’s a lighthearted, cheeky ride where everything is allowed except wearing Lycra! You’ll think you were transported back in time.

In my opinion, it’s wonderful to dream about living in a different time period for a day. Many will ride vintage bikes (even Pennyfarthings!), though you can participate with any bike you want. Why not put a a leather saddle and gumwall tires on your Montague folding bike and join the ranks?

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It’s a great way for people to take their bike out, and promote awareness about cycling while paying homage to it’s storied history.


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Do you feel like visiting or participating a Tweed ride?

If you are lucky and you live or you are planning to visit any of the following countries, here is your chance to get to know how it feels like:

Tweed Ride Hildesheim, Hildesheim, Germany  – June 16

Anjou Velo Vintage, Paris,  France – June 22 & 23

 (The Harris) Tweed Ride, Edinburgh , United Kingdom- June 23

– Seersucker Social (D&Q) Washington DC, USA   – July 7

Cardiff Tweed Run, Cardiff, United Kingdom – Aug 24

Vancouver  Tweed Ride, Vancouver,  Canada – Sept 15

Malmo Sweden Tweed Ride, Malmö,  Sweden – Sept 21

– Dallas official Tweed Run, Dallas, USA- November 2013

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