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4 Reasons to Travel with a Folding Bike this Summer

Tweet If you’re planning any kind of travel this summer, you should seriously consider bringing a bike along. Regardless of where you’re headed, a bicycle can be a valuable asset, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or in a thriving city center. If you’re planning to fly, taking a bike with you might be [...]
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Tweet Unable to withstand the allure of the UNBELIEVABLE weather, the Montague bicycle gang takes to the streets… …And celebrates a 50-degree day in February. How has your winter been so far? Have you been enjoying a mild winter as well? Got any extra riding in?
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Ride More, Drive Less: The 2 Mile Challenge

Tweet Last week, we looked at a report from The Wall Street Journal that suggested a link between exposure to fuel emissions and neurological disorders. While driving is sometimes necessary, we know it’s not great for our health: as part of a sedentary lifestyle, it can contribute to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and now, [...]
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A Trip to the Polling Station with my Folding Bike

Tweet Today is voting day (municipal elections), and dutiful citizen that I am, I left for work 15 minutes early so that I could hit my polling station on the way in and still arrive on time. Since I ride my bike to work, I also rode to the polling station. But after I got [...]
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On the Road Again – with Montague Folding Bikes

Tweet Last month, we did a post about people who take our folding bikes on the road with them – literally. We’re not talking about commuters who do a park-and-pedal style commute, but about people whose jobs keep them moving from one city to another – truckers, musicians, actors, and yes…roadies. A few of the [...]
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Use a Folding Bike to Combat Sedentariness

Tweet A recent study conducted by MSN found Lexington KY to be the most sedentary city in the U.S. They reached this conclusion by comparing how many hours of physical activity people reported, how much cable TV they watched, how many video games they purchased, as well as the deaths caused by deep vein thrombosis, [...]
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Is a Bicycle Faster than an Airplane?

Tweet Sure it’s convenient to be able to take your Montague folding bike on a plane, but what if you could get there faster by riding alone? The Amazing Race Is riding a bike faster than flying? This past weekend, with I-405 closed for construction for 10 miles between Ventura and Santa Monica, a group [...]
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Bike to Work Day: Friday May 20th

Tweet This Friday is National Bike to Work Day. In many cities across the U.S. there are special rides and events along popular commuting routes, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. You can check out their website to find events in your area. Try Commuting on a Folding Bike! If you’re hesitant about bike [...]
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Following the Pros with Your Folding Bike: Tour de Romandie

Tweet The Race: Tour of Romandie This week, April 26th-May 1st, is the Tour de Romandie. Romandie is the primarily French-speaking western part of Switzerland. The Tour de Romandie is different from the races we’ve been to so far, because it takes place over multiple days. Instead of taking place on a single day, the [...]
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Folding Bikes to the Rescue

Tweet With our current frame design having been originally developed for the US military, our bikes have a long history of service. They’re work horses that don’t mind putting in the long hours. And while the Paratrooper is doing government work, our Swissbike is helping out one private ambulance company in the UK. Andrew Bevan, a [...]
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