A Montague rider and his Boston chill on the Chilean coast.

If you’re planning any kind of travel this summer, you should seriously consider bringing a bike along. Regardless of where you’re headed, a bicycle can be a valuable asset, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or in a thriving city center.

If you’re planning to fly, taking a bike with you might be more of an investment up front (airlines often charge a bike fee), but weigh that against the savings on the other end – how much will you spend on taxi, bus, and train fares? Depending on where you are and how long you’re planning to be there, you might find that traveling with your bike is actually a money-saving move.

Taking a break from the ride – in Spain.

And in terms of time – unless you’re headed out on a highway – you can’t do better than a bike. Getting across town? Average walking speed is about 3 miles/hour. Even at the fairly moderate cycling speed of 12 miles/hour, you’ll get to your destination 4 times faster than by foot, leaving you more time to enjoy whatever you are there to see.

And if you’re in the countryside, or in a city and looking to visit the surrounding area, a bike is a great transportation option – indeed, in some places, it’s the only transportation option. Shuttles or public transit might run a couple times/day, but if you want to go on your own schedule, a bike is the way to go.

The Advantages of Folding Bike Travel

Take your folding bike on the bus or train.

So there are already some excellent reason to travel with a bike. But when you consider what a bike that folds has to offer on top of this, it’s too much to pass on.

1. Security: you can always store a bike overnight inside your hotel room or hostel. This is a big benefit, because, especially in an unfamiliar city, you might not want to leave your bike locked outside overnight. Of course bringing it inside doesn’t mean it’s theft proof, but at least someone would have to break into your room to get it.

2. Convenient Travel: It’s easy to get around on a bike, but it’s easy to get around with a folding bike. Have some intercity train/bus travel on the itinerary? Often, a folding bike can come aboard with you, without any extra fees or planning required.

The Benefits of Montague Bikes that Fold

A Montague Paratrooper loaded up with gear in Austria.

3. Industry Standard Parts: This means that if you’re riding and you get a flat tire, or have some other kind of mechanical malfunction, finding replacement parts is not going to be a problem. Just head on down to the local cycle repair shop, and you should be all set. You won’t need to call for a tube or a derailleur part from the other side of the world. (Not that we wouldn’t be happy to hear from you – but hopefully under happier circumstances).

4. Road Conditions: When you’re traveling, you can’t always be sure what kind of surface you’re going to be riding on. Sure, it might be smooth, paved roads, but it could just as easily be full of potholes, covered in cobbles, or even dirt or gravel. With full-size wheels, Montague bikes are prepared for anything.

Traveling with a Montague bike that folds gives you the best of both worlds – the flexibility to travel where, when, and how you want, and a ride quality that rivals some of the best non-folding bikes on the market.

Have you Traveled by Bike?

Do you have any good bike travel stories to share? Where’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled by/with bicycle?

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