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Commuting: Protecting Your Bike

Tweet We’ve started talking about bicycle commuting. One of the prime concerns, especially for new commuters is keeping your bike secure while you’re at work. More companies are making it a priority to have secure and covered bike parking, in fact in Cambridge, MA – where Montague Bikes is based – there are excellent company […]
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Bike Theft: Fold It Up. Take It Inside.

Tweet Not many, if any of us – are lucky enough to receive a written apology from the thief if someone steals our bike. This along with getting the bike back happened for one very fortunate man in Oregon. For most of us, if our bike is stolen it is sadly a one way street. […]
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InterBike 2012: Tales from the Desert

Tweet Coming to you live from Las Vegas, it’s InterBike 2012!  Here are some shots of booth #24105 in those quiet final moments yesterday morning just before doors opened for the first influx of the 2012 show!  Here’s a tantalizing tidbit to hold you over for now: The top image is our Bike Smash booth. […]
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