Coming to you live from Las Vegas, it’s InterBike 2012!  Here are some shots of booth #24105 in those quiet final moments yesterday morning just before doors opened for the first influx of the 2012 show!  Here’s a tantalizing tidbit to hold you over for now:

Montague booth InterBike 2012 Bike Smash

Montague InterBike booth 2012

The top image is our Bike Smash booth.  Montague’s InterBike booth #24105 features a “Bike Smash”.  Attendees are invited to swing a weapon of their choice at a bike locked to a parking meter.  While the “Smash” itself is proving to be entertaining, the resulting damage is, no doubt, a sobering reminder of the fate that can befall a bike left outside, even if it is securely locked.

The Smash booth has some custom graffiti work as well.  We’ll get some more shots up here soon, so enjoy the ‘snack’!

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