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Montague Custom Build: Time Lapse

Tweet Montague folding frame sets are finally in stock! People like to have things their way, and for the first time, you can have your folding bike just the way you want it. Other folding bikes use small wheels, and several proprietary parts, limiting your ability to customize them. Montague bikes allow the use of any [...]
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Montague Overhaul VIII: Saddles and Saddle Position

Tweet Over the past few weeks, I’ve given you a step by step look at building a completely custom, fixed gear folding bike. Today I’m going to put the finishing touches on with a new seatpost and saddle, and talk a bit about proper saddle positioning. Saddles are perhaps the most often replaced or customized [...]
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Fixed Foot Retention: STRAPS

Tweet Last time we checked out traditional toe clips and straps as one option for foot retention. Another option, which has become very popular for fixed riding in the last few years, are velcro foot straps. The system was originally designed by the guys at Hold Fast in Brooklyn, NY. Around 2008, when fixed freestyle [...]
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Montague Overhaul VII: Fixed Foot Retention

Tweet In putting the final touches on my custom Montague Boston folding bike, I had to decide what type of foot retention to use. On a fixed gear, you can control your speed and slow down simply by slowing your cadence. By putting back pressure on the pedals, you can slow the bike or even [...]
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Montague Overhaul VI: Brakes

Tweet I’m nearing the end of my custom Montague build. Most of the parts are in place and it’s now time to install a brake. Fixed gear bikes give you a tremendous amount of control with just your legs. You can easily regulate your speed and come to a stop without even touching a brake, [...]
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Montague Overhaul V: Track Cogs and Chains

Tweet Fixed gears have been popular as winter commuter bikes for years. Long before messenger culture brought them to the limelight in the early 2000′s, hardened winter riders chose them for their simplicity and added control in bad conditions. For the last two years, a single speed Montague Boston folding bike has been my commuter. [...]
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Montague Boston Overhaul III: Wheels!

Tweet The next step for my custom Montague folding bike is a new wheelset. With horizontal, track style dropouts, and 120mm hub spacing, the Boston is made specifically for use as a single speed. The stock version comes with a flip flop hub; a freewheel on one side, a fixed cog on the other. You can [...]
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Folding Framesets

Tweet It’s been mentioned on Urban Velo and Bike Rumor. Bicycle Retailer covered it at InterBike. We announced it for the first time at Eurobike. What can it be? Folding Framesets. Now if you are of the inclination, interest, or skill-set to build up your own folding bike – or, want to work with a shop [...]
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Community Orientation: Putting the Pieces Together

Tweet At Eurobike Yesterday we shared some of the goings-on this week at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  Part of our booth this year is a new frame program that will begin in 2013.  Many of our friends and fans have asked for our folding frames to be made available in addition to the complete bikes [...]
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After the Sun Goes Down

Tweet Boston bicycle adventures… Adventures in the night:  urban cycling is not restricted to the rising and setting of the sun.  The city lights, especially in a place like Boston, which is a city that does sleep, provide illumination for all manner of adventures. Last weekend, the bicycle courier action film, Premium Rush, opened around [...]
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