Last time we checked out traditional toe clips and straps as one option for foot retention. Another option, which has become very popular for fixed riding in the last few years, are velcro foot straps. The system was originally designed by the guys at Hold Fast in Brooklyn, NY. Around 2008, when fixed freestyle was taking off, riders were breaking toe clips left and right. Partially inspired by the old Power Grips, mostly inspired by a need for extremely durable, comfortable, and strong foot retention, the Hold Fast FRS was born.

Today, there are several companies making foot straps with this same design. Bag companies like ReLoad and Burro, and components makers like Fyxation are all getting in on the action. I have a pair of Fyxation Gates pedal straps, and Shadow Ravager platform pedals. Foot straps like this use a BMX style platform pedal, more evidence of their fixed freestyle heritage:

The straps themselves are actually pretty simple:

Just like the cage pedals we put toe clips on, these platform pedals have an opening all the way through the pedal body:

With the the strap face down, feed the two narrow strips through the pedal:

Separate the two wider straps and fold the inner one over the pedal:

Cross the two narrow straps and stick them to the wider one. The velcro should hold them in place:

And finally, just fold over the final strap. You can slide more or less of it through the buckle to get the perfect fit for your feet. They’re very easily adjustable if you ride in a variety of different shoes:

Now put them on your bike. Get out there. And tear it up.

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