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I Want to Hold Your Hand: Handlebars

Tweet Part 5 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” Admittedly the name handlebar is a little misleading; they’re actually tubes, only the very early bikes had an actual steel bar – think how heavy that would be! So Many Flavors Handlebars come in many flavors, each with their own devotees, advantages, and disadvantages. […]
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Let’s Start from the Very Beginning

Tweet Part 1 in the “CX First Timer Custom-Build Experiment” Before your bike, or my bike (or anyone’s bike for that matter) was rolling down the road it had to be built.  (In this instance we’re not discussing welds and alloys per se, but more the actual fitting together of components into a recognizable vehicle […]
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“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment”

Tweet I want Scott Christy, one of our faithful Montague folding bike riders, to be my mentor.  He currently lives in Alaska with his wife and his two kids: his airplane and his Montague mountain bike.  When he offered to send me some pictures of his plane and bike (now featured on our Facebook page […]
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