Hope you are all out enjoying the day and riding your bike.

Here are some great websites, just to name a few,  where you can learn more about Earth Day and helping to protect the earth for future generations:




Did you know:

Half of the oxygen in the air is produced by plants in the sea and that oceans absorb about one-third of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions.   Check out:  http://earthday.nature.org/?gclid=CIOXhJrSmqECFUFM5QodzEhPQA for more.

Plastic bags damage the environment and if dispersed in the ocean can be very dangerous for big fish that die eating them.   That’s why it so important that we all remember to bring some reusable bags when grocery shopping. Checkout:  http://www.nature.org/wherewework/caribbean/bahamas/features/art31091.html

Don’t forget, riding your bike is good for you and the Earth and will get you in great shape for the summer swim suit season.

Ride safe!

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