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Celebrating Independence

Tweet Just about every city, even those in the frequently frozen north, seems to have at least a few cyclists.  In some cities more than others there are cycling communities, like minded people who gather together and ride.  These groups and communities come in many forms, from tours to races to MTB to tweed rides, [...]
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Montague Crosstown featured at Interbike Fashion Show

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that the Montague Crosstown folding bike would be featured in a fashion show put on by Momentum Magazine during Interbike – and we captured the moment on film. At the show, each bike rode the runway against the backdrop of a city, to highlight different trends in [...]
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Folding Bikes Now Permitted on San Francisco Municipal Railway

Tweet Getting around San Francisco with a folding bike became a little bit easier last month (the killer hills not withstanding), thanks to a decision by the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority to allow folding bikes on MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) subways, light rail, and buses at all times. Prior to the May decision, [...]
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New Fun Fashions for the Style-Conscious Folding Bike Rider

Tweet Ladies: are you style-conscious on your bike?  Kudos to my step-mom, Sara Walker, for finding these fabulous cycling accessories! Who says you have to sacrifice style while cycling?!  These fun colored accessories will certainly turn some heads this summer.  Though they are mostly through NYC based companies, all of these products are available online.  I [...]
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8 iPhone Apps for the Cyclist and Bike Commuter

Tweet If you are one of the millions of Americans who is permanently attached to their iPhone then you may have already heard of many of these “apps” that have proven to be a fantastic tool in the adventure and cycling worlds.  These apps range from heart rate and cadence features to power output and [...]
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Boston’s MBTA expands Bike Coach program to give cyclists more traveling options!

Tweet Who needs bike coaches when you have a Montague Folding Bike? Still, we fully appreciate the extra portability and convenience of the The Bike Coach rail cars that are available on the MBTA Newburyport and Rockport commuter rail lines on weekends and holidays.  These coaches will run through Columbus Day! That’s October 12 in [...]
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Bike Safety 101: Back to the Basics

Tweet A good friend of mine, Wes, got hit by a car this weekend while riding his bike and broke his pelvis in three places.  He’s going to be spending the rest of the summer in bed or in a wheelchair and will need extensive physical therapy and pins in his leg to start walking [...]
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Boston vs. Los Angeles Face Off in Basketball and in Bikes!

Tweet As we are a Boston based company, I’d like to kick this post off by saying “GO CELTICS!”  We, as a folding bike company, always enjoy a little healthy competition and thought we’d take this rivalry one step further – from basketball to cycling – we’re here to compare which is better: Boston or [...]
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Commuters biking tips for the new or experienced rider

Tweet Montague Folding Bikes have a long history in both the road bike and mountain bike market (we’ve been around for 23 years now!)  We’ve recently heard from a lot of Montague riders about their long distance treks and competitive mountain bike racing (keep the stories coming and we’ll get up as many as we [...]
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Montague Folding Bike Riders’ Favorite Places to Ride

Tweet First off, I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all the Montague Cyclists for your input on your favorite places to ride!  We love hearing your experiences riding your Montague Bike and encourage all of you to keep the feedback coming! Today, I’d like to feature John G. from Delaware who rode [...]
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