Just about every city, even those in the frequently frozen north, seems to have at least a few cyclists.  In some cities more than others there are cycling communities, like minded people who gather together and ride.  These groups and communities come in many forms, from tours to races to MTB to tweed rides, and many more.  One of Boston’s is the full moon ride.  On Tuesday eve, the night before Independence Day, I went with several many others on just such a ride.  We biked to the beach, to an eatery, to a promontory.

Boston from Orient Heights

Boston from Orient Heights

Or a slightly better view:

Boston view with moon

Boston from Orient Heights with moon

A group of cyclists traveling the byways of Boston in the night elicits a most strange reaction.  People cheer.  A group can be identified by the sea of blinking red from the back or shining white from the front.  With as many different opinions as there are are of cyclists in the media or public opinion (and not all of them flattering), something about these night rides seems to bring out such support.  Cars that go by honk in support instead of protest.  People yell out their windows, “can I join you?!”.   People reach out to give you a high-five.

Is there a secret desire that this brings out?  Even someone who doesn’t usually ride a bicycle being drawn to such a thing?

On July 4th we celebrate Independence, thirteen colonies seeking emancipation from a kingdom across the sea.  Perhaps in our busy world a bicycle is another form of emancipation?  Perhaps the bystanders witnessing the bike ride have a great desire in their hearts?

Other bicycle adventures have included a little of this as well:

Boston Fireworks

Boston Fireworks

May you celebrate your independence in what way you choose, we’re celebrating on our bikes!

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