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Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock: BitLock

Tweet Most of us don’t go anywhere without our smartphone. Its’ always in our pocket, in our bag, always within reach. It already acts as our camera, calculator, GPS, news source, and game system, what if it could do even more? What if it could replace your key ring too? BitLock, created by Mesh Motion […]
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Mean Streets: The Advantage of a Folding Bike

Tweet A bike left all alone, out on the streets, is really not safe. Not safe from theft, not safe from vandalism, and not safe from the weather which can take quite a toll on components. One of the biggest advantages of having a folding bike is the ability to easily keep it protected. When […]
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Commuting: Protecting Your Bike

Tweet We’ve started talking about bicycle commuting. One of the prime concerns, especially for new commuters is keeping your bike secure while you’re at work. More companies are making it a priority to have secure and covered bike parking, in fact in Cambridge, MA – where Montague Bikes is based – there are excellent company […]
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