A bike left all alone, out on the streets, is really not safe. Not safe from theft, not safe from vandalism, and not safe from the weather which can take quite a toll on components. One of the biggest advantages of having a folding bike is the ability to easily keep it protected. When your bike can reduce to almost 1/3 of it’s size in just a few seconds, you have the ability to stow it out of harm’s way.

We’ve all seen this sad sight before:

photo2A damaged and dilapidated bike locked on the street. Now clearly the owner of this bike has given up on it, but it’s not uncommon to walk by a bike locked on the street and see one wheel stolen, the saddle missing, or the rim severely bent. The best lock in the world can’t protect every part on your bike. And even the best lock in the world can still be broken or cut by an ambitious thief. So instead of the terrifying sight above, wouldn’t you rather see your bike like this? :


Or stowed safely like this? :


The best way to protect your bike from damage, vandalism, and theft is to fold it up, stow it in the car trunk, or bring it inside where it’s guaranteed to be safe. Check out our whole line of folding road and mountain bikes here.

Street inside composite

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