Here at Montague we’re big fans of folding up the bicycle and taking it inside. That’s a bonus of a folding bike, it doesn’t have to be left out in the cold.  And not just the proverbial cold, the bicycle doesn’t have to be left in the elements; subject to vandals, thieves, and damage.  But every once and awhile your adventures may take you somewhere where you cannot fold up your bike and take it inside, because sometimes there is no inside.

This morning we stopped at Boston’s Bike Friday.  A city-morning-cycling-commute event that brings cyclists from all over the city and surrounding towns to Government Center for a delicious breakfast and all kinds of cycling related booths.  For this event and many other trips there really isn’t an inside to bring your bike to.  We’ve had a number of readers and fans ask, just how do you lock up your Montague when you can’t fold it up and take it with you?  The unique folding design, being so different from the traditional double diamond frame, presents a number of creative locking solutions.

how to lock a folding bike

Lock It Down

Above is one locking situation in Boston’s Government Center.  The cable secures the rear wheel in a loop and connects to a mini U-lock secured to the railing and through the double top tube.  The weakness of this locking technique is that the front wheel is not secured by either the cable or the U-lock.  Montague bikes come with quick release wheels, so you could potentially remove the wheel and lock in together through the cable.  This custom build has bolt on wheels which are more difficult to remove and steal than quick release wheels, but it is always important to secure the wheel to the frame for comprehensive locking technique.  (Having bolt-on wheels also makes folding take a little longer.)

locking the folding bike

Here is another example on a street sign.  The cable goes through both wheels to the mini U-lock which passes between the double top tube.  When a bicycle has a traditional double diamond frame the general locking technique is to secure both wheels and make sure that the U-lock secures some part of the main triangle. For a Montague passing the lock between the double top tube (for the road/pavement bikes) or through the lower triangle near the folding mechanism (for the continuous top tube mountain bikes) becomes the equivalent securing location.

These images only deal with a mini U-lock and cable, but there are many other sizes of U-locks and cables, many other kinds of locks.  We invite our readers to share their innovative locking techniques for those times when there isn’t an inside to bring your bike to.


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