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Watch Out for the Unexpected: Bike Safety

Tweet The general tips for bike safety are well known among bike commuters, but there are often dangerous scenarios that arise even when you follow the rules of the road.  Unfortunately, some drivers don’t know the laws regarding bikes, they do unexpected things, or simply don’t see you. It’s important to be aware of these […]
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Levi’s Commuter Jeans Review

Tweet Last year, Levi’s premiered a line of clothing specially designed for the casual cyclist. When the majority of us swing a leg over our bicycle, we don’t don the Lycra first, so it’s important to have clothing that’s functional and practical both on and off the bike. Levi’s introduced a commuter parka, and a […]
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Are you a bike-riding dog lover?

Tweet Riding a bike and bringing my dog along to enjoy the experience is one of my favorite activities. If you’re a dog owner, you know it’s important that your dog (and you) get regular exercise, and if you’re a cyclist, what better way to accomplish this for the both of you. It’s important to […]
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Knog Blinder 4 Review

Tweet I recently picked up a new front light which I’ve been using on my Montague Boston folding bike, the Knog Blinder 4. Knog really blew up a few years ago when they introduced their Knog Frog light, a small single L.E.D. soft body light, that could stretch to attach just about anywhere. Since then, […]
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Montague Quick Release Fender Installation

Tweet Two of our folding bike models, the Navigator and the Boston 8, feature quick release fenders on the front and rear. Fenders are an absolute necessity if you’re riding in foul weather, but even a wet road after the rain can leave you with soggy shoes and pants if you don’t have the proper protection. Our […]
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