Two of our folding bike models, the Navigator and the Boston 8, feature quick release fenders on the front and rear. Fenders are an absolute necessity if you’re riding in foul weather, but even a wet road after the rain can leave you with soggy shoes and pants if you don’t have the proper protection. Our quick release fenders can now be purchased for use with any of our Pavement Bikes. Your FIT, Crosstown, or single speed Boston can now offer that same protection from rainwater and road grime.

For easy removal, these fenders clip onto brackets that mount using the brake caliper bolts. The installation procedure might not be obvious at first, but it’s fairly simple. If you purchase one of our aftermarket fender kits, it will include some extra hardware. The only pieces you will need are the fenders themselves, and these two brackets:

Start by removing the front brake caliper with a 5mm allen key:

Once the caliper is free, the front bracket (shown below) can be installed. It will pass under the fork crown, with the clip in the rear:

To secure it, pass the brake caliper bolt through the slot in the bracket, and thread the nut back on from the back:

Now you can slide the fender in the clip, and close the lever to lock it:

Installing the rear fender is a similar procedure, but the bracket is a bit different. Again, start by removing the brake caliper:

With the aftermarket fender kit, you’ll have an extra bracket (one more than you need). The correct one for the rear is the longer, narrow, two-prong bracket. The narrower bracket is designed to prevent any interference when folding the bike. The slotted section of the bracket goes between the brake and the frame, and the rest extends up and over the top of the brake caliper. Thread the nut back onto the brake caliper from the underside, and tighten it up:

The rear fender has the clip built in. Slide it onto the bracket, and close the lever. If either of your fenders seem off center from the wheel, you can correct that by loosening the brake caliper bolt, and rotating the bracket:

There you have it, protection from the elements, and easy, quick release removal:

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