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What Happens in Vegas

There’s a well used saying from films that we all seem to have heard at one point or another, “what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas” … but not this time.  We want to tell you all about Vegas – we’re talking about InterBike of course, the largest bicycle trade show in North America.  And it’s happening this week.  The Montague HQ crew is hard at work putting together the most dynamic booth we’ve done yet. We’ve got some surprises up our sleeves too – true showmanship, just as Vegas demands.

Bike Smash

Montague’s InterBike booth #24105 will feature a “Bike Smash”.  Interbike attendees will be invited to swing a weapon of their choice at a bike locked to a parking meter.  While the “Smash” itself promises to be entertaining, the resulting damage will, no doubt, be a sobering reminder of the fate that can befall a bike left outside, even if it is securely locked.

So do this:

folding up the bike for the car ride

 Take home message: Fold it up and take it with you.  Don’t leave your bike outside at the mercy of the weather and vandalism.


Fashion Show

The Montague Boston will be strutting i’s stuff down the runway as part of Momentum Magazine‘s annual InterBike Fashion Show.

InterBike: Wed, Sept 19th and Thurs, Sept 20th @10am & 2pm

Here’s a Boston, all dressed up for the town.

Montague Boston folding fixed gear

New Program

You’ve heard whispers on the wind.  Urban Velo mentioned this last week.  Something exciting is happening in 2013.  The folding frames are coming.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas this time.  Are you ready?  Stay tuned this week as the events unfold.

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