Folding Bikes Blog Reviews the Boston and Boston 8

It’s quite the month for Boston reviews! We’ve already heard from Matt Allyn at, who gave rave reviews to the Boston. And now we’ve just got another review of the Boston from, a UK based site, as well as its 8-speed variation, the Boston 8.

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You can read the whole review for yourself here, but my favourite excerpt is “Usually when you’re talking about a folding bike there’s plenty to talk about on the subject of how the fold affects the ride, but not here. I wouldn’t advocate riding blindfolded but were you to try it you’d be hard pressed to tell this was a folder, there’s nothing to give it away.”

I like this especially, because it’s exactly how I feel – if you didn’t know you were riding a folding bike, on a Montague, there’s no way you could tell from the ride. Also, while I don’t recommend it either, I find something really funny about the idea of riding a bicycle blindfolded.

Back to the matter at hand, the reviewer enjoyed riding both the Boston and the Boston 8, and would definitely recommend them to someone looking for a folding bike.

How Would You Rate the Boston/Boston 8?

Do you ride a Montague folding bike? What do you think of the ride? Portability vs. Performance? What would you tell someone who was thinking of getting one themselves? Have you been able to test ride one? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Bradley Baysinger
    Posted January 19, 2012 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    I’ve owned several folding bikes. I don’t even want to say how many. Having a bike compatible with all cars and any other mode of travel changed me. Suddenly I had a bike with me everywhere I went, and you can’t argue with that. So I continued.

    The buzz about these bikes is the ride. Everyone knows a Montague rides extremely well. I need to rave about how well they fold, particularly Montague road bikes.

    The Boston is the fastest folding bike I’ve ever had. On the specs they say 20 seconds, but they are being modest. I would put it at under 5. No Dahon can do that. Maybe under 7 seconds to unfold.

    I hear people wondering if the front wheel coming off in order to fold is a hassle, compared to Dahons where the front wheel stays on. That’s actually a good thing. Carrying full size bike with two 700c wheels under one arm is much more bulky than it might seem. Contrast that to being slightly more counter balanced with the front wheel under the opposite arm. It’s a cinch. You may want the front wheel to come off anyways, so you can place it somewhere else in a vehicle to save space. The alternative involves monkeying around with the handlebars on a bike like a Dahon — every time you fold the bike — to either remove or pivot them, and a loss of modularity of the front wheel.

    I never get crap about having a silly little bike with one of these. They are met with some curiosity which quickly transforms into respect, even in a hipster crowd. This is a very unique, exotic looking bike, that gets attention. I’ve ridden it hard, and it continues to amaze me. With such an great warranty, I’ll keep it forever, and never need a better bike.

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