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Montague, Prime Inc., partner to pioneer industry advancement.

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SPRINGFIELD, MO —  Starting in late summer, Montague Corp., a Cambridge, Mass.-based bicycle company, and Prime inc. of Springfield, will partner to pioneer an advancement in the trucking industry: A dramatic change in driver health, the two companies said Wednesday.

America relies on its trucking industry for economic success, but hundreds of hours behind the wheel add up. As a result, long haul trucking has one of the highest obesity rates of any industry. Obesity and related health issues have been linked to high crash rates, but Prime is committed to changing that, according to Robert Low, founder and president of Prime and chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association.

Low has made a solemn commitment to create a culture of fitness in the trucking industry.

At the forefront of this movement is Siphiwe Baleka of Fitness Trucking Inc., who has joined Prime as driver fitness coach.

A former Ivy League swimming champion and recent distinguished triathlon winner, Baleka has been working to create this culture of fitness, even while working as a lease-operator with Prime.

Montague bikes, which fold in less than 20 seconds to a compact 36x28x12 inches, are equipped with standard components, full-size wheels and a patented folding system that doesn’t compromise ride quality.

In an industry where space, speed, and performance are crucial, Montague bikes provide the opportunity for fitness on the g Folding saves space and saves time — no tools required, Low said, adding that a Montague folding bike provides an onboard solution for fitness in one of America’s great industries, improving health, fitness, and quality of life for those on the road.

Baleka will be promoting a culture of fitness in the industry, with Montague folding bikes as the onboard gym.

Fitness Trucking already offers services to individuals and fleets who want to improve their health.

Prime will be increasing the scope of this mission over the next year, including the formation of trucker triathlon teams.

To show its support for fitness in the trucking industry, the U.S.A. Triathlon team contracted Fitness Trucking/Prime to carry athletes’ bicycles to the final U.S.A. Triathlon Olympic qualifier this year in San Diego.

Riding foldable bikes allows truckers to bypass the limited hours and monthly membership fees of a gym, and to fit more extensive, rigorous workouts into their busy schedules, Low noted.

“This kind of exercise is a powerful weapon in the battle for health and wellness. Studies have shown that the majority of truck drivers are overweight or obese,” he said. “One obesity-related health concern is sleep apnea. Persistently disrupted sleep, which is the hallmark of apnea, leaves overweight operators exhausted and driving long distances in a chronically fatigued state. Further studies have linked this chronic fatigue to high rates of collisions. Tired drivers are more likely to cause crashes, making the roads more dangerous for all users. The fitness movement within the trucking industry aims to change these trends.”

Trucking demands a high level of focus and commitment, for countless hours behind the wheel, Low said.

“This focus and commitment, when directed toward fitness, is sure to yield success. Together Montague Corp. and Prime are working to ensure the health of an industry at the heart of America, making the roads safer for everyone, whether they’re on two wheels or 18,” he said.

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