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Most folding bikes standout for their small wheels and compact frames, but Montague hopes its full-sized Boston will grab eyeballs for breaking that mold.  Check it out at Booth 4409.

The $699 Boston single-speed folding bike sports 700c wheels and comes in 17-inch, 19-inch and 21-inch frame sizes.

“We examined how people use their bikes in an urban environment,” said David Widing, who handles corporate development and communications for the Cambridge, Massachusetts, company.  “We found that while the concept of a low-maintenance, full-sized, single-speed was ideal for city riding, it clashed with the severe lack of space that most cities suffer.  It’s often hard to fins secure outdoor parking for your bike, and who realistically has room in their studio apartment to accommodate a bike?  The Boston’s standard full-size geometry allows you to ride comfortable all day long, and when you reach your destination, you can fold the bike down to take it inside.”

The Boston folds without the use of tools.  It uses Montague’s CLIX system for front wheel removal and CLIX quick-release lever for quick and easy folding of the frame.  This patented Folding Integrated Technology utilizes the seat tube as the pivot point, allowing the frame to pivot around and fold into the rear frame.  No tubes are cut or altered.

Its single-speed drivetrain with flip-flop hub allows riders to switch between a fixed-gear and freewheel setup.

In addition, Montague equipped it with standard components to make it easy for consumers to customize at their local bike shop.

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