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Montague Boston 8 Momentum Gear Guide Feature

Momentum Magazine’s Special Edition Gear Guide

Welcome to the special edition Goody Basket – our annual gear guide – a compilation of the latest bicycles and accessories made by our advertisers to help you enjoy your everyday ride. Choosing to ride a bicycle to get around is fun, smart and sexy; and, it’s also becoming an increasingly accesible lifestyle choice. This is partially thanks to the fact that companies recognize that people who ride bikes for transportation also need choice in the products they buy in order to make riding a bike an integral part of their everyday life.

Momentum’s gear department is constantly inundated with new bicycles and accessories that cater to everyday riders, and we normally don’t have enough pages to share all of these great products with you So, for this special edition Goody Basket, we have teamed up with our advertisers and added more pages to help narrow down the field of gear options on the market as you get for another year of riding.

Ride easier and you will ride more often. It’s smart living by bike.

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