Momentum Boston Review

Momentum Mag Boston Review

by Dawson Hamilton



AVAILABLE in US and UK bike shops and online

A folding bike with 700c wheels, The Boston is a full-sized bike that easily folds down to car trunk size (36” x 28” x 12”). Handy Velcro strap keeps it folded and at 24 lbs (11 kg) it’s easy to lift. This model has a single-speed 42×16 drivetrain (fixed or freewheel option), Dual Pivot Caliper brakes, stiff aluminum frame design, chromo forks, reflectors, riser handlebars, trekking pedals, and comfy center gap saddle.


Sleek lines and solid construction in classy matte-black lead to fast commutes, easy grocery runs, and stylin’ cruising. Fold it up quick for buses/ trains, going up stairs, and for storing inside.


I would chose the 8-speed model if I lived in a place with more hills.


Ideal for the city dweller looking for a full-sized folding bike that’s zippy, light, and easily stows away. Multi-modal commuters will love how easy it is to bring on a train, bus, or car.


Urban transportation has never been more stylin’ while also being functional. The Boston offers sleek lines, solid and responsive handling, a smooth and quiet ride, and the ability to fold up to stow in a car trunk, under an office desk, behind an apartment door, in my shopping cart at the grocery store, the options are endless.

The Boston is a bang on ride from the get go. Obviously very well crafted, you feel like you’re getting on a high-tech weapon of mass transportation. Unable to notice any flaws in riding due to it’s folding ability, I was very excited about how light, quiet, and fast it was (even with only the single speed). With the 700c wheels I could pedal the slow, balanced dodge through traffic and then blast the fast on long distances with ease. The 42×16 gear ratio has teeth to keep the pace up even on the downhill and I enjoyed a bit of a burn on the steeper uphills although most inclines were no big deal. The double top tube geometry looks sleek and is stiff even with extra weight (backpack loaded and handle bar bags). Steering is responsive and smooth for the cityscape. Caliper brakes were very trustworthy and the seat was comfy for at least 2 hours of medium/ hard riding multiple days in a row.

Upon arrival anywhere I brought it along! Easily hoist-able at 24 lbs. The ‘Clix’ quick release and the Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) systems are so satisfying to break down and reassemble. I compare it to what a transformer must feel like folding and unfolding or maybe opening a really nice umbrella. The seat post pivot design maintains frame strength by avoiding hinges and breaks in the tubing and makes for a convenient carrying point. I kept the folded bike in car trunks, brought it inside at friends’ houses, brought it into shops and grocery stores, and either left it by the door or placed it into the shopping cart. I stowed it under desks at the office and once even fashioned some straps and wore it as a backpack to an outdoor concert. I later found out you can get a custom bag that fits the whole bike easily … wish list! Overall, I loved the bike’s look/ cruiser feel and the fact that it had the ability to fold into a manageable bundle. Very much worth the price tag, I would hand over nicely folded bills.

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