If you are interested in purchasing a Montague Bicycle in Indonesia, please contact Delta Cycles.

Montague Bikes are distributed in Indonesia exclusively by:

DeltaCycles is part of the Delta Indotrada Group, which is a family owned & run company. With over 13 years of history & tradition in giving excellent choice, value, quality & service to our customers. DeltaCycles has a wide selection of foldable bicycles at all price levels, and a tremendous assortment of the latest, high-tech accessories in Jakarta.

Professional People, Training, and Tools.
Your Local Bike Shop!

Our reputation for professionalism and expertise comes from the quality of our staff. Our staff has many years of experience, most of our employees are avid and active riders. The sales staff is not compensated with commissions – their only incentive is to make you happy. They are trained to listen to the customer, share their knowledge and fit you to the bike that suits your body, your style of riding, and budget.

Our mechanics also play a vital role in the quality of the finished product that you purchase. Our mechanics are the best in the business. They are year-round, full-time professionals who love bicyles; it shows in the pride they take in assembling and servicing your bike. The confidence and respect others have for us is demonstrated repeatedly by how often we are asked to give technical support at races, and charity rides all over the Jakarta metropolitan area. We spend a minimum of two hours putting your bike together. Frame and fork alignments are checked first. Then every bolt is removed and greased, cables and housing are cut to correct length, bottom bracket and headset are adjusted, and wheels trued.

Results. Less servicing down the road, more time having fun riding your bike.

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