There is no better travel companion than a bicycle. When I’m heading out on a weekend excursion, a few days by the beach, or even a camping trip, my first thought is “Which bike should I bring?”. Heading up to Maine last week for some R&R was a perfect opportunity to break out the FIT.

The Montague FIT is a true endurance road bike that folds for easy transport or storage, and I’ve customized this one for even more off road ability with wider tires and aero positioning with drop handlebars.

The setup was great for the mix of freshly paved rolling hills, gravel roads, and light trails that I found along the Mid-coast of Maine.

While this area along the coast is not exactly “mountainous”, it’s definitely hilly. Riding here is a constant mix of short climbs and descents. I was averaging almost 1000 ft of climbing every 15 miles!

Turn down a random side road and you’re likely to find yourself on gravel or dirt roads. It’s a lot of fun to rip over this terrain without a car in sight.

The FIT comes stock with 28mm tires. While these are fairly wide for road bike tires to begin with, I’ve put a pair of 35mm semi-knobby tires on this bike. There’s clearance!


Spotting harbor seals.

A post ride swim is a welcome luxury here.

And being in Maine, the obligatory Moxie recovery drink.

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