Brandy and Lewis were living comfortable lives in NYC when they decided to leave it all behind and see the world by bicycle. “I desired to put the office life on hold for a while. Can’t this wait ’til I’m old? Can’t I live while I’m young?” says Brandy. “So my husband and I took the plunge into the nomadic lifestyle and are currently tramping across Mexico via bicycle.”

The two are riding Montague folding bikes, a Navigator and a Paratrooper customized with unique components to make them their own, and a whole lot of touring gear.


Brandy and Lewis started this journey back in 2014. They started in the Pacific northwest and made their way down the west coast in a combination of bikes, trains, and car travel. Once they hit Mexico in December of 2014, it’s been (mostly) all bike since then. With the exception of a few breaks here and there, they’ve been on the road living the nomadic lifestyle and traveling by bike for 2 1/2 years!

We picked some of our favorite photos (below) to feature on the Montague blog, but you can follow their journey on Instagram (@brewistravels), on Brandy’s blog Desde Lejos, or Lewis’ blog Rudiments of Gruel. They’re an inspiration!


An over look on the route from Miahuatlan to San Jose del Pacífico.


On the road from San Jose del Pacífico to Pochutla, Mexico.



The amazing colors of Mexico City.


The back roads and mountains from Sonora to Sinaloa, Mexico.


Another photo from outside San Jose del Pacífico.


Visiting Teotitlan for the Dance of the Feathers, which takes place annually and recreates the Spanish conquest through dance as a ritual of remembrance.


Exploring around Teotitlan. It’s always nice to go on a ride without all the weight of your gear!


Brandy with her Navigator folding bike, great for touring and great for travel.


The Oaxaca coast. Bike touring can be grueling but you’re often treated to incredible views, new destinations, and a look at the world you wouldn’t get any other way.


Don’t forget to follow Brandy and Lewis on Instagram for the latest updates on their adventure! They’ve now passed through Guatemala and headed down to Colombia for the next leg of their trip.

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