Montague is excited to present a completely re-designed folding bike line for 2016. In addition to brand new folding technology, 2016 Montague bikes feature new accessories, updated specs, and a fresh new look. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new with our Pavement line.


New Folding System: DirectConnect™

DirectConnect is the new folding system from Montague. It removes the quick release from the top tube creating a sleek look, provides stronger clamping between the two halves of the frame, and simplifies operation.




The Eurobike Award winning RackStand is standard equipment on five of Montague’s 2016 folding bikes. The patented design acts as a traditional cargo rack with built in fender, and also rotates under the rear wheel to serve as a kickstand, workstand, and folded bike display.



New Head Tube and Graphics

A new head tube design allows for integrated headsets which hide the bearings inside the frame’s tubing. The result is a smooth transition from the stem, all the way down to the fork. Every model has an updated look with fresh paint, decals, and brighter colors.



Disc Brake Road Bikes

For the first time Montague pavement bikes come equipped with disc brakes. The FIT and Navigator will boast better stopping power and performance in wet weather with Tektro mechanical disc brakes, while the Allston takes it up a notch with Shimano hydraulics.



Belt Drive

The Allston is equipped with a Gates carbon belt drive. It requires no lubrication, is virtually silent, and is cleaner, lighter weight and longer lasting than a traditional chain. It also won’t stretch over time, maintaining its efficiency for its entire lifespan.


See details on each of the 2016 pavement bikes here >>>

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