Installing a kickstand on a Montague folding bike is very simple, and most aftermarket kickstands can be used without interfering with the folding design.


A standard kickstand clamps to the parts of the frame known as the chain stays. These are the two tubes that extend back from the bottom bracket and toward the rear axle. While a Montague frame has a unique design for folding, the chain stays are shaped like those of a traditional bike.


You’ll find three parts to most kickstands. The stand itself, a top plate, and a bolt.


Position the kickstand under the chainstays just behind the bottom bracket.


Place the top plate above the chainstays and slide the bolt through the hole. The bolt should pass between the chainstays and line up with the threaded hole in the top of the kickstand.


Tighten the bolt so the top plate clamps down and holds the kickstand in place. This Greenfield kickstand takes a 14mm wrench.


Your bike can now conveniently stand on it’s own!