While I was home for the holidays in Western Massachusetts, the weather was unseasonably warm for New England (unlike now, as I type this it’s 0° F) and I had the opportunity to do some riding on the local trails.


Most of the trails I found myself on were fairly wide single track. Well maintained and fast rolling with very few rocky sections. The occasional downed log provided some interesting obstacles. It was perfect for a leisurely ride after over eating around the holidays.


The trail ran parallel to train tracks for a few miles and I stopped for a photo op when I found myself under an old railroad bridge.


The single track turned to double track as I began to follow the power lines. This route is frequented by ATVs and dirt bikes, so a much wider trail is worn into the countryside. It was a bit sandy and quite steep in sections, but I appreciated the workout.


The streams weren’t frozen this December, and they provided for some nice views along the way.


It was just getting dark on my way back home, and when I got there I couldn’t resist a test photo of my new Sugoi Zap reflective jacket. In natural light this jacket is black, but embedded in the fabric are highly reflective glass beads. The flash really brought them alive, and they react similarly when a car’s headlights shine on them.

It was nice to be home and away from the city, and having a folding bike from Montague allowed me to bring a full size mountain bike home in my car trunk. I was there for a few days, so I brought my road bike too, folded in the back seat.

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