December is a time for gift giving. If you have a cyclist to shop for, we have some ideas for you.


Bike Multi-Tool

A handy all-in-one bike tool is a must own for any cyclist. I have a great multi-tool and I could still use another. It’s nice to have one in your bag or backpack, and one in the toolbox. Pictured is the Crank Brothers Pica. MSRP: $54.99


Saddle Roll

While out riding it’s important to have some necessities with you in the event of a flat tire or simple mechanical. An elegant solution to keeping them on the bike is a saddle roll or saddle bag. You can even fill the roll with goodies to take this gift to the next level. Pictured is my YNOT Cycle Saddle Roll. Made in Canada and available in Woodland Camo. MSRP: $24.99


Cycling Socks

Not only are a good pair of socks excellent for wicking away moisture and keeping your feet comfortable, a stylish pair is essential to a complete kit. If you want to impress your cyclist friends with your choice in socks, go with an offering from The Athletic, Ten Speed Hero, or a hometown favorite of mine Team Awesome. MSRP: varies

reductivist-key-ring2Key Ring Tool

While always having a multi-tool on hand would be ideal, sometimes you forget it. Having allen keys, spoke wrenches, screwdrivers, and a torx wrench on your key ring means you’ll always be able to make adjustments or help others out in a pinch. Did we mention it’s a bottle opener too? This offering from The Reductivist is made in the USA. MSRP: $28.00


Bicycle Books

Buying for a cyclist that loves to read? One interested in bicycle design or the history of the bicycle? Try Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History (MSRP: $34.95) or Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World (MSRP: $20.00).

blinder-4-twinpack-black2Bike Lights

Lights are a necessity for anyone riding at night, and Knog makes some of the most elegant options. Pictured are the Knog Blinder 4 lights; USB rechargeable with rubber mount to stretch around any diameter handelbar or seatpost. MSRP: $44.95 for one, or $84.95 for set of 2.


Reflective Jacket

While riding at night, reflective clothing does wonders for being seen by motorists. Although not everyone wants to look like a highlighter when they step off the bike, so for a clean minimal design try the Sugoi Zap. The fabric is embedded with with hundreds of glass beads that reflect light, but in daylight it’s a solid black (or red, or yellow). MSRP: $149.95


Bikepacking Gear

If you’re shopping for someone who loves cycling and camping, consider hooking them up with some bikepacking gear to combine their passions. Revelate Designs has some of the best on the market. Hand sewn in the US, their seat bags, handlebar rolls, and frame packs let you bring all the essentials into the wild with you. Pictured is the Viscacha seat bag (MSRP: $130.00) and the Sweetroll (MSRP: $100.00)


Full-Size Folding Bike

Even for the cyclist with a stable full of bikes, a folding bike opens up a number of new options for riding. It can be kept in the car trunk, always ready for a ride, or brought on the train or bus for commuting and day trips with a bike. Of course, it always stores conveniently out of the way. The single speed Boston is a simple lightweight option from Montague Bikes. MSRP: $699.95


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