Wompy_Map_2011“Wompy”, we love you!
Last weekend we took a mountain bike excursion in Wompatuck State Park. It was so much fun, I needed to share it with all of you. The park is just a 35 minute drive from downtown Boston, in Hingham, MA. I have the privilege to live two minutes away from this park and yes, you can be jealous!  The park has an area of about 3,500 acres with the majority of it located in Hingham, MA. It also extends into the neighboring towns of Cohasset, Norwell and Scituate.

The park has many things to offer, including 262 campsites which are open from April to October. The most important part to me is the trails. There are 12 miles of paved bicycle routes, and many, many more miles of single track mountain bike trails, double track, and dirt fire roads.

The nice thing about Wompatuck is that you can find trails to accommodate both beginner and advanced riders. There’s a wide variety of terrain for every level of riding.


Most of the mountain biking used to be done on the right side of Union Street where most of the park’s unbroken woodland is. But over the last couple of years people have been creating a new network of single track trails on the left side of the park as well. The trails are growing!


`Wompy’ as how the locals call it, is an amazing place to ride. It is a nice and large wooded area with very clearly marked trails. You really need to try hard to get lost :). The park has fast and swoopy tracks as well as long distance trial sections. Some areas will have you riding over rocks, hopping logs, and dodging trees, while others less technical fast rolling sections.


Taking a look at some of these photos, you can see why I had such a great weekend! If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend Wompatuck for a day of riding. Even if road biking is more your thing, the paved trails offer some very peaceful and scenic routes through the park.


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