Last weekend took me back to the area where I grew up, Western Massachusetts. While it’s only about 2 hours west of Montague Headquarters in Cambridge, it’s a very different atmosphere out there. No big cities, no hustle and bustle, beautiful farmland, and most importantly, few stop lights on the rolling country hills. I took the opportunity to put some miles on my Montague FIT, and take in the beauty that is autumn in New England.

The day started with black coffee as usual, my secret weapon. (#coffeedoping)IMG_5173

It was unseasonably warm for mid-October and there was a mist in the air. No arm warmers today.


While the roadside foliage burned with reds, oranges, and yellow, the fields were still green and the forest floors were still covered in bright green ferns.


My friend Chris joined me for a portion of the ride and managed to capture this shot of the FIT in action.


Hadley, MA is home to several dairy farms. These cows weren’t too interested in my bike while I stopped to hydrate, but the rolling hills of their pastures were beautiful in the afternoon sun.


These cows on the other hand, were quite interested.


A few areas allowed me to get off the paved roads as I cut through familiar fields and wooded trails. I’m currently running 33mm semi-knobby tires on my FIT, so they handled the paths wonderfully.


After about 30 miles of looping through the towns of Amherst, Hadley, and Belchertown, my route came to an end. (Not pictured: post-ride mulled apple cider)

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