To match our new Silhouette T-Shirts, we worked with Walz Caps in San Diego, CA on a limited run of Montague cycling caps. These are hand sewn, 100% cotton caps with screen-printing on the sides and brim.


The 3 panel design makes for a classic look and a very comfortable feel. They fit nicely under any helmet and keep the rain, sweat, and sun out of your eyes. Eddy Merckx wore a cap. You should too.

mb_cap_pcs_compilation had the following to say about Walz Caps: “Once you’ve seen the cycling caps made by Walz Caps, you’ll likely find there’s no going back to the days when you wore nothing underneath your helmet… Fun, affordable and very, very cool, these cycling caps are perfect, even if you don’t think of yourself as a cap-wearer.”

Why not get one that shows your Montague pride?

You can order now at

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