The near perfect weather we had in New England over the weekend was begging us to get out and ride our bikes. I found myself in Providence on Saturday visiting a friend, so he took me on one of his favorite rides along the Providence river and down to the harbor in Bristol, RI.


We were on a multi-use path for most of the ride which managed to go for miles with very few road crossings. The lack of traffic was a welcome change from my normal rides around Boston.



It’s a relatively flat 30 mile round trip, so we pushed the pace to get a solid workout in. We stopped for a few minutes in Bristol to admire the view of the harbor, and refuel with a chocolate bar.

IMG_3499We were treated to some great views along the way.


We finished the evening with a hearty meal at Red Fez (recommended if you’re in Providence). After an evening spent with old friends, I turned in early. I had a mountain bike trip planned for the very next day. Luckily, Montague’s folding design allows my road bike and mountain bike to both fit in my car with ease.