Recently, a group of friends and I headed down to North Truro on Cape Cod to spend the weekend there. Of course we brought our Montague bikes along. If you’re not familiar with the Cape, it is the Easternmost portion of Massachusetts which extends into the Atlantic Ocean. The narrow strip of land is lined with beautiful beaches on both sides.


We folded our Montague bikes, put them in the car trunk and hit the road (yes, two of them fit in there!). Luckily we didn’t hit any traffic and reached the condo we rented in about 1.5 hours. You’ll know this is an impressive time from Boston to the outer-Cape if you’ve ever dealt with the weekend traffic in this area.


After unpacking we took the bikes out of the trunk and rode them about 10 miles to Provincetown, which is located at the very end of the Cape.


We grabbed dinner at a fabulous restaurant there and visited the area bars. After sipping a few cocktails by the ocean (not too many since we had to ride our bikes), we hopped on our Montagues and headed back to prepare for the next days beach adventure.

We took a long bike ride in the morning, but once we made it to the beach it was all relaxing. In the afternoon we stopped at the sand dunes to take some pictures. They were immense! Quite a sight to see.



On Sunday we did some sightseeing. We rode our bikes to the Wood End Lighthouse which was beautiful. It was just so much fun riding the bike along the ocean and Ptown is such a cute town. We also went to see the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum.


On our drive back we decided to stop at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA. It was packed, so while waiting we sat down at the bar. We had such a good time that we ended up ordering our dinner there so we could continue to hang out with our new friends. Everyone there, staff and customers alike, were so nice and happy.

Our drive back wasn’t as smooth as the drive down… TRAFFIC! I wished we had rode our bikes all the way. It probably would have taken us the same amount of time!

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