Park-and-Pedal-logo-Updated-CarWhere do I park?! It’s an age old question when you’re driving a car into the city. In most metropolitan areas, you’re going to need some luck to find convenient parking. The best way to avoid a parking disaster is to plan ahead, and we have a plan for you: Park & Pedal. Getting around the city is much easier by bike (believe me I do it every day). On a bike you can beat the traffic those last few miles into the city always seem to hold. When cars are backed up down the block, the bike lanes are (almost) always clear.

Finding parking on the outskirts of the city is much easier than right downtown, and with a Montague folding bike, you can keep your bicycle safely in the trunk until you’re ready to ride. An internet search for ‘public parking lots in (current city)’ can help you locate your best options. Pro tip: throw the phrase “free parking” in there. Most public parking lots are listed online, and you can usually find the designated hours if there are any restrictions. The moment you ditch the car, hop on your bicycle, and feel the wind in your hair, you will thank yourself for planning ahead.

Here in Boston, we have so many spectacular events that attract hundreds and thousands of people from all over. The worst thing to deal with during these events is parking. Circling the block, competing with other drivers for those few spots, there’s always those times you misread a sign and come back to find an orange envelope under your windshield, or worse yet; you’ve been towed. One of the best remedies for the stresses of urban life: Ride more. Wouldn’t you rather ride up and lock your bike right outside your destination?

There are thousands of people who come in and out of the city everyday for work. It’s a hectic scene around rush hour, but with Park & Pedal you can shorten your commute (you avoid sitting in traffic those last few miles!), get your exercise for the day, and release positive endorphins instead of stressing out in your car.

A Montague folding bike even allows you to bring a full size bike on public transportation! The subway and commuter rail stations outside the city often have free or very affordable parking nearby. Take the train into the city, bring your bike along and ride everywhere your heart desires. Spring is finally arriving, and now is the best time to rekindle your relationship with the bicycle.

Convinced? Want to know a little bit more? Click here to find out more details on Park & Pedal. May your parking nightmares be over and your commute to work be a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience!

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